NextCell Pharma

What is your business idea, what problem do you want to solve?
“Nextcell Pharma is a research and development company with two different business areas. One where we develop new treatments for autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. It’s here that our primary focus lies, Diabetes Type 1 that works as a model disease for us to later expand its use,” says Mathias Svahn, NextCell Pharma CEO.

“Our other business area is Cellaviva which offer expectant parents to save their children’s stem cells at birth, in a so-called family bank. The primary reason to save stem cells in a family bank is the possibility to take advantage of future new therapies and treatments.”

Where are you now?
“We’re now conducting a clinical drug trial of our drug candidate ProTrans. Something we do together with Karolinska Trial Alliance at Karolinska University Hospital here in Flemingsberg,” says Svahn.

“The aim is to demonstrate that the treatment is safe and discover whether patients’ own insulin production can be improved following a 12-month ProTrans-stem cell treatment.”

What are your plans for the future?
“Our goal is to develop new types of treatment for illnesses that we have not achieved previously, conditions that are currently incurable. Since last year, NextCell Pharma has been listed on Aktietorget to support our chances of reaching that goal,” says Svahn.

“At the same time, we want to offer many more families the opportunity to save their children’s stem cells at birth. We have recently signed an agreement with Nordic Tech House and Isabella Löwengrip to reach more parents to tell them about this opportunity.

Why are you in Flemingsberg?
“Flemingsberg is entirely the right place for us due to its closeness to co-operation partners and the clinical research at Karolinska University Hospital. Furthermore, this is the right place for us to grow given how Flemingsberg as a whole is flourishing and developing,” says Svahn.


Karolinska Science Park
Hälsovägen 7
141 57 Huddinge
08-735 55 95

Published On: 8 September 2022
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