Sprint Bioscience

What is your business idea; what problem are you trying to solve?
“Sprint Bioscience’s goal is to treat and improve the lives of cancer patients. All the major pharmaceutical companies worldwide are looking for innovations to expand their product portfolios and they’re finding them in small creative companies like Sprint Bioscience,” says Martin Andersson, Research Director at Sprint Bioscience.

“We identify, start and develop pharmaceutical candidates in the preclinical phase. The goal is for them to reach patients as finished drugs through licensees. Our business concept is to develop drug candidates in time- and resource-efficient ways that contribute to new forms of cancer treatment.”

Where are you now?
“Right now, we have around 30 employees, most of whom work on research and development in our four disciplines: medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, tumour biology, and structural biology. We’re a public company, listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market and have entered into several license agreements with a potential value of USD 507 million in milestone payments and additional royalties on sales,” Andersson says.

“Our model differs from how other smaller life science companies run and fund drug development. We identify and start new development candidates and license them in the pre-clinical phase. This business model allows us to assess a candidate’s commercial value early on and minimise risk in our candidate portfolio. We are recognised by the international pharmaceutical sector as suppliers of high quality candidates with a high degree of medical relevance.”

What are your plans for the future?
“We’ve designed our premises to our specific needs. Our modern offices and new labs are adapted to the way we work and help drive our creativity, and there are opportunities for future expansion.”

Why are you in Flemingsberg?
“Flemingsberg offers us opportunities to grow and a great working environment for our employees. It also has the advantage of being close to research being done at Karolinska Institutet and the clinical research at Karolinska University Hospital. We were also attracted by the way the area represents innovative thinking and we’re excited about the future here and that together with other life science companies in the area, we can be an important part of the new Flemingsberg. We want to have even more life science neighbours than we do today!”


Novum, Hälsovägen 7, våning 8, hiss A
141 57 Huddinge
+46 (0)8-411 44 55

Published On: 8 September 2022
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