Doors open for creativity and culture

Innovation Station is the new co-working space in Flemingsberg that invites you to more creative meetings.
“We saw a growing need for a meeting place for more than just life science activities. So, together with Flemingsberg Science and others, we have opened a broader co-working space that caters to cultural activities and creative industries,” says Johan Bornebusch, Innovation Manager and tutor at Södertörn University.

One of the goals of Innovation Station Flemingsberg is to create meetings between entrepreneurs, innovators and societal developers. The 370-square-metre co-working space is centrally located on Blickatorget and offers space for events, meetings, workshops and various social events as well as around 40 workplaces.
“We’re now actively offering membership to companies and organisations. We opened for a test period at the end of spring, and by autumn we’ll be in full swing,” says Bornebusch.

Bubbling with creativity
Innovation Station has separate offices and workplaces in an open-plan landscape. Before it opened, a working group visited several similar co-working spaces in Stockholm for inspiration.
“We’ve particularly taken our cue from all the knowledge and creativity bubbling up in Flemingsberg from students, entrepreneurs and companies. Innovation Station will be the place for all of these different people to meet and grow together.”
The working group also included Flemingsberg Science, which has already moved into the new co-working environment.
“The focus on culture and creativity, together with its central location, makes Innovation Station a meeting place where we continue to build on Flemingsberg’s strengths in education, research and creativity,” says Johnny Högberg, CEO Flemingsberg Science.

Innovation Station will be an important complement to A Working Lab, which opened in 2022 with a focus on life science activities.
It will house Södertörn University’s innovation activities, along with Drivhuset and SH Innovation. There are also places here for the start-up companies that grow within the university.
“Even before we opened, we had about 20 expressions of interest in membership from various actors in Flemingsberg. There is a clear need for a meeting place for challenge-driven collaboration and innovation in Flemingsberg,” says Bornebusch.

Read more about Innovation Station here.

Published On: 14 June 2023
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