Discover five colleges, an art school, a high school and 18,000 students

Campus Flemingsberg is Sweden’s eighth largest campus with around 18,000 students, where you can read everything from medicine and healthcare to finance, law, political science, engineering, music and journalism. What’s more, Campus Flemingsberg is one of the few places in Sweden where you can train to become a police officer.

In other words, this is a dynamic and multidisciplinary campus that offers a unique mix of higher education, research, knowledge-intensive companies and healthcare. Home to several colleges and universities, an art school, an upper secondary school and a university hospital, all within walking distance of each other.

Karolinska Institutet, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Södertörn University, the Swedish Red Cross University Hospital, University College of Music Education in Stockholm, Widerströmska College (from 2019), and Karolinska University Hospital and several knowledge-based businesses are now located in Campus Flemingsberg. Two research facilities, Neo and Technology and Health, are now also strengthening the area’s profile in the life sciences sector.

Södertörn University offers some 70 programmes and 250 courses. Tuition and research are conducted in the humanities, social sciences, engineering and the sciences. The university also provides police and inter-cultural teacher training. Much of the research carried out at the university focuses on issues related to the Baltic Sea and the Baltic region.

Karolinska Institutet is one of the world’s leading medical universities. This is where, among others, the physiotherapists, dentists and nurses of tomorrow study, and where successful research into Alzheimer’s, cell therapy and regenerative medicine is conducted.

KTH is Sweden’s largest technical research and teaching university, attracting students and researchers from all over the world. At its Flemingsberg site, KTH offers foundation courses in civil engineering and university degree courses in medical technology, as well as three-year engineering courses in computer engineering, electrical engineering and technology and economics. Foundation year courses and many Masters’ courses are also available.

Swedish Red Cross University Hospital has, with its training courses for nurses and specialist nurses and healthcare research with a global perspective, recently moved to campus to the new-build Technology and Health building together with KTH.

University College of Music Education in Stockholm (SMI) is the latest addition to our growing number of colleges. It offers pedological courses primarily in music, voice and speech as well as dance and movement. In 2017, SMI relocated from central Stockholm to Campus Flemingsberg and to new premises ideally suited for music and dance. SMI runs courses with local and regional support and with other colleges in the academic environment at Campus Flemingsberg.

Widerströmska College opened in the autumn of 2019 and is a municipal college focusing on life sciences (science, engineering, health and entrepreneurship). Widerströmska College offers students a unique environment – in the midst of the researchers, engineers, doctors and entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow: the college is located at the heart of Campus Flemingsberg.

The Idun Lovén Art School is owned and run by artists. All teachers are active artists. The teaching is characterized by a pedagogy based on the teachers’ own concrete artistic knowledge and experience, which guarantees close and continuous contact with contemporary art development.
The Idun Lovén Art School offers two two-year educational lines, one for sculpture and one for painting.

Flemingsberg – where knowledge and creativity meet in southern Stockholm

Flemingsberg is evolving from a regional hub into a city that is home to, for example, the Stockholm South Business District international business and research hub. A new initiative between Huddinge municipality and several property owners has paved the way for the renewal and development of Flemingsberg’s train station and surrounding areas: creating space for 50,000 workers, 50,000 residents and 50,000 visitors.

An open university city

Campus Flemingsberg is a vital and integrated part of the emerging city of Flemingsberg. Flemingsberg is set to be the Stockholm region’s only complete university city with proximity between study, accommodation, services and culture.

A shared vision for Campus Flemingsberg

The academies, the hospital, municipalities, property owners and not least students, have together developed a powerful vision with concrete goals to create the campus of the future. The ultimate aim is a campus where together we contribute to solving the major challenges facing society. 

Our vision includes the following overarching goals:

  • Campus Flemingsberg shall be a place where people and knowledge can grow and flourish. Where people from all walks of life and from different disciplines meet, creating opportunities for creative and successful collaborations.
  • The atmosphere at Campus Flemingsberg shall stimulate knowledge exchange between academics, business and society. The key to solving the challenges of the future is to tackle them in collaboration, to solve them together.
  • The entire campus is therefore built to drive co-operation and sustainable behaviour. This entails good transport links, efficient use of resources, attractive meeting places and high-quality architecture.
  • A vibrant campus, where people live, work, meet and grow. Open 365 days a year, 24/7 and winner of the “Sweden’s Best Student City” award.
  • An attractive campus for knowledge-intensive and creative businesses that want to grow and develop in close co-operation with the colleges and the hospital.
  • We are set to create a campus where together we contribute to solving society’s major challenges, and where a wide variety of people and disciplines meet for creative and successful co-operation.

Welcome to a dynamic campus!


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