Accommodation at the heart of campus

Considerable efforts are being made to build more student housing directly adjacent to the campus area. Nobelus is a brand-new neighbourhood that mixes researcher and student accommodation. Additional student housing is being built along Hälsovägen, close to Flemingsberg Park. In Visättra Ängar and Björnkulla, you’ll find new-build and slightly older student accommodation.

A variety of accommodation types

Two student housing blocks sit above Flemingsbergsdalen, with views over the campus area. The buildings are part of housing company Huge’s approximately 700 student homes in Flemingsberg. Huge’s student housing includes corridor living and self-contained apartments in Visättra, Björnkulla and Flemingsberg Centrum.

These properties are managed by SSSB

80 new student apartments along Hälsovägen

Huge plans to build 80 new student homes in an area close to Flemingsberg Centrum that comprises approximately 120 rental apartments, five retail premises and a pre-school with eight classes. Construction is scheduled to start in 2019.

Read more on the Huge website (in Swedish).

High-up in the middle of Flemingsberg Centrum

At the end of the 1990s, Stiftelsen Stockholms studentbostäder (SSSB) purchased the fourteen-storey Medicinaren building that contained around 300 apartments. It includes student rooms – rooms off corridors and apartments. Corridor rooms are en suite and have shared kitchens.

These properties are managed by SSSB


The student hall in Flemingsberg Centrum has become a symbol for Flemingsberg as a whole. It has also been awarded Huddinge’s architecture prize when it was completed. The hall has 169 apartments on 13 floors. The building is owned by municipal housing company Huge and contains shared facilities and a gym that is open 24 hours a day.

These properties are managed by SSSB


Nobelus is the name of the growing student and researcher accommodation along Alfred Nobel Allé. This is where the first approximately 450 apartments were ready in 2016. Some 400 additional apartments are now planned for this area. Shared spaces to encourage interaction between residents have been prioritised, and there are also retail premises on the building’s ground floor.

Read more at Byggvesta


The 250 student apartments in Småbrukets Backe were built in 2016. The apartments are part of the new area Visättra Ängar located close to the expansive Flemingsbergsskogen nature reserve.

Properties are managed by SSSB