Study further this autumn, which path do you choose?

On March 17, it’s time for the spring open house on Campus Flemingsberg. This year, too, we meet digitally.

Campus Flemingsberg is one of Sweden’s largest campuses, with five colleges, an art school and a high school in the same place.

Here you can read to everything from doctors to teachers, engineers, logonists or nurses. Here you will meet over 18,000 students who study medicine, nursing, economics, technology, journalism, philosophy, music education, sculpture, painting and much more. In addition Campus Flemingsberg is one of the few places in Sweden where you can train as a police officer. All just 19 minutes from central Stockholm.

During this day, you will meet students and staff from our various universities and educations. You can also talk to study and career counselors who answer your questions.  och utbildningar. Du kan också prata med  studie- och karriärvägledare som svarar  på dina frågor. 

Welcome to a young and vibrant campus where it is easier to choose your own path.

Konstskolan Idun Loven

Idun Lovén School of Art

Idun Lovén is a school that offers two two-year artistic educations, one for painting and one for sculpture. During the digital Open House, you get an insight into what it means to study with us. We will tell you about how the educations are structured. Take a tour of the school premises. Teachers and students will be available to answer questions.

If you have thoughts and questions about the educations already now, you can send your questions to We thought we would answer some questions that come up via email during the broadcast. You will of course also be able to ask questions live during the digital open house.

Also visit for current hours and a link to the open house. There is also more information about the school and how to apply to us.

Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet, KI

On March 17 at 14–18, you can chat with students and study counselors, get information about our educations and be inspired by students who tell you about what it is like to study at KI. Get a KI cloth bag and the new education catalog!

Karolinska Institutet is one of the world’s leading medical universities and has Sweden’s widest range of medical educations.

Read more at Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institutet

KTH – Royal Institute of Technology

This year, KTH has its own digital Open House on Saturday 20 March at 11-15. Then you have the opportunity to meet students, teachers and study counselors from our programs through open zoom rooms. You can also talk individually with study counselors via zoom, chat with students, and take part in pre-recorded material such as program-specific mini-webinars. You can already read more and watch movies via the link below.

Read more at Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

Röda korsets högskola

Swedish Red Cross University College

With us, you get an education that makes a difference! Welcome to visit our digital Open House to learn more about our educations and ask questions. The Red Cross University College is one of Sweden’s most attractive universities in nursing education. With us, you can study to be a nurse, further train as a specialist nurse in intensive care, infectious disease care and psychiatric care and read independent courses. As part of the Red Cross movement, profiling against vulnerability, diversity, humanity and global perspectives is central to all educations. Here you get competence in and readiness for future nursing – both in Sweden and abroad.

Read more at Röda Korsets Högskola


University College of Music Education in Stockholm, SMI

SMI is a university where you can train as a music educator or logonomist and further your education in aesthetic subjects with a pedagogical focus, for example in music, voice, dance and movement. You can take part in our activities and what happens at SMI at Öppet Hus on March 17 as well as on other days during the year. Stay up to date on our website and our Facebook.

Södertörns högskola

Södertörn University, SH

With us, you can train, for example, as a teacher, police officer, sociologist, human resources scientist, economist, journalist and librarian. You can read programs or courses in media technology, environment and development, aesthetics, philosophy, history, archival science and much, much more.

During the open house, you will be able to meet students from different educations digitally. You will also be able to talk to our study counselors and get help choosing the education that is right for you.

Read more at Södertörns högskola

Widerströmska gymnasiet

Widerströmska College

Are you interested in life science (science, technology, health and entrepreneurship)? Then Widerströmska College is the place for you! You who choose to go nature, economics, technology or care and nursing here will spend your high school years in a unique environment – in the middle of future and present researchers, technicians and entrepreneurs. Widerströmska College also has a high school engineering degree, ie a fourth technical year.

Read more at Widerströmska gymnasiet

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Johanna och Sarah heter vi och arbetar som informationskoordinatorer på skolans Infocenter! Vi är båda alumner på skolan, där Johanna gick Spelprogrammet med inriktning design och scripting, och Sarah Turismprogrammet med inriktning sociologi. Under denna (dessvärre korta) vecka kommer ni få hänga med oss och se hur vardagen ser ut för oss som skolans "spindel i nätet" när det gäller information! 🌸
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Missade du att söka våra kurser och program till hösten? Några av våra fristående kurser och masterprogrammet Användarupplevelse och Design av Interaktiva Medier är öppna för sen anmälan!

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