Karolinska University Hospital

Clinical education and internships are central and integral aspects of Karolinska University Hospital’s work. Our courses also have a clear link to clinical research conducted at the hospital. Each semester, we welcome several thousand students from universities, colleges, secondary schools and polytechnics.

Our university/college level clinical training is conducted in close collaboration primarily with Karolinska Institutet, but also with other universities and colleges. Our clinical education at upper secondary level is provided in close co-operation with Stockholm upper secondary schools, adult education establishments and polytechnics.

In addition to clinical placements/internships, students have access to the hospital’s inter-professional learning environments.

Public and specialist placements for Residents and Interns are well integrated in clinics/operations.


Phone: 08-585 800 00
Street address: Hälsovägen, Flemingsberg
Mailing address: Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Huddinge, 141 86 Stockholm, Sweden