Guidelines for actors on campus

Campus Flemingsberg is a place for collaboration between education, research, healthcare, innovation and business. With the Campus’s unique mix of higher education, research, knowledge-intensive businesses and healthcare, it is important to communicate clearly with the outside world. We want to provide communication support for all those who conduct business on campus.

Campus Flemingsberg’s graphic guidelines include details of our graphic profile with our logo, fonts, colours, images and instructions for how to use them. The guidelines help us to maintain the quality of our design and presentation when communicating as Campus Flemingsberg.

“Together we’re creating the society of tomorrow”

“Campus Flemingsberg is a campus where together we contribute to solving society’s greatest challenges. Where diversity and knowledge meet to drive creative and successful collaboration. Breadth is our niche.”

“Flemingsberg. Where knowledge, innovation and success are shared.”

The purpose of the graphic profile is to make Campus Flemingsberg visible in various settings. It is our joint responsibility to convey a consistent image of Campus Flemingsberg in a professional manner in all communication.

Graphical profile
Download the graphic guidelines for Campus Flemingsberg

Download the Campus Flemingsberg logo

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# Tag, Like, Share and Check in

You are welcome to use the #campusflemingsberg hashtag when communicating events or information relating to Campus Flemingsberg. Check in at Campus Flemingsberg and publish a brief message. Like Campus Flemingsberg’s social channels, and follow and share relevant content.