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Flemingsberg offers outstanding research, education and training in everything from medicine and healthcare to economics, law, political science, engineering, music and journalism.

Here you’ll find support structures such as testbeds and innovation hubs. Flemingsberg is home to in-depth collaboration between academia, healthcare and business, especially in fields such as advanced therapies, diversity, and healthcare, including healthy aging.

Join the Flemingsberg cluster

Campus Flemingsberg is an attractive place for knowledge-intensive companies looking to locate close to colleges and a university hospital. The area offers highly developed infrastructure for product commercialisation, start-up incubation, collaboration projects and launches. One of Sweden’s largest legal centres is also located in Flemingsberg, along with new-build homes, supermarkets such as ICA Maxi and Lidl, hotels, gyms and sports centres. Retail outlets, restaurants, entertainment and cultural venues and educational opportunities mixed with offices, homes and parks are also planned.

We’re creating a thriving environment for innovation embedded in an urban fabric – a place where knowledge and creativity combine with business, residential areas and visitors to create sustainable growth in an open and welcoming environment.

An integral part of Stockholm’s life sciences cluster

Flemingsberg is part of Stockholm’s life sciences cluster. A cluster incorporating academic institutions, life sciences companies, and healthcare and medical agencies. Together, we conduct internationally prominent research projects. The Stockholm-Uppsala region is home to more than 550 life sciences companies, and the sector employs more than 23,000 people.

Further information is available in the factual material that Stockholm Science City has compiled on the Stockholm-Uppsala life sciences cluster. Stockholm Science City also provides a searchable map of life sciences companies in the region.

More than half of Sweden’s life sciences sector is based in and around Stockholm, and the region is one of the world’s most start-up rich. World renowned research institutes, Karolinska University Hospital, KTH and KI are also located here.

Together with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, leading life sciences companies are creating a firm foundation for new companies, collaborations and an environment that drives development.

Stockholm’s Uppsala Life Science Investment Hotlist is a carefully compiled list of investments made in the region. The list is a tool for investors wishing to focus on ground-breaking innovations in life sciences. Invest Sweden updates the list continually with support from the EU.


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