Become a qualified music teacher or logonomist

University College of Music Education in Stockholm, SMI, is a higher education establishment offering pedological education primarily in music, voice and speech, as well as dance and movement.

SMI moved from central Stockholm to Campus Flemingsberg in 2017, to new premises ideally suited to music and dance tuition. SMI holds courses in collaboration with local, regional and other higher education institutions in the academic environment on Campus Flemingsberg.

SMI provides music, singing and logonom teacher training, we also offer free-standing courses and refresher courses in the field. Our programmes are firmly rooted in professional life and research. As a student at SMI, you receive a pedological, artistic career-orientated education from competent and experienced teaching staff.

On qualifying, you may work as a singing or music teacher in, for example, music schools or universities. As a logonom, you might work as a speech therapist, with pre-emptive voice care, with people’s communicative abilities and with voice and speech in artistic contexts.


Alfred Nobels allé 15
141 52 Huddinge

Phone: 08-611 05 02