Applications for the Flemingsberg Science Award IDEA are now open

Flemingsberg Science Award IDEA is an innovation competition for you who are students, living or working in Flemingsberg. In a sub-competition to the national business plan competition Venture Cup, Flemingsberg Science rewards ideas in the early stages – the prize sum is SEK 5,000.

Do you have an idea that can contribute to a better world? Then you must be in the competition. We are facing several major societal challenges such as climate change, demographic changes, mental illness and increasing inequality. To solve these challenges, new innovative solutions and approaches will be needed – new ways of thinking, collaborating and acting.

Via Venture Cup, you get valuable feedback, opportunities for networking with interesting profiles from the business world, and your idea also has the chance to be named one of Sweden’s 20 best business ideas.

The competition is open between 30 August and 8 November.

Read more on the Flemingsberg Science or websites.

Published On: 13 September 2022
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