Campus Community, networks and meeting places

At Campus Flemingsberg, you who work or operate a business on campus have the opportunity to participate in various communities and networks. Here we keep up to date on each other and on developments on and around campus. Together we create tomorrow’s society

The campus has long been an attractive breeding ground for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. A number of expansive businesses are found in the area today. With a focus on growth and new markets, development takes place side by side with, among other things, research and the public sector.

The connection between studies, research and business is obvious and we need help to find synergies and collaborations.

Within the Flemingsberg Innovation Community, we want to create a meeting place for people, ideas, knowledge and creativity. Here we collect the organizations that are in Flemingsberg and the surrounding area and that can provide you with various types of support and help. Organizations that can help you with patent issues, business ideas, financing, development, scaling up, collaboration with academia, society and business, co-working and networking.

Flemingsberg Business Community is for you who work or run a business on campus or in Flemingsberg. We believe that anything is possible when the right people and companies come together. Within the community, we share experiences, find synergies and keep ourselves updated about each other and about developments on and around campus.

ATMP Sweden is the national network of Sweden’s activities within medicines based on genes, cells or tissue engineering, classified as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) in Europe.