Mando Group

What is your business idea, what problem do you want to solve?
“We’re a healthcare company that conducts research, in co-operation with Karolinska Institutet (KI), and treatment of eating disorders and obesity. We have developed the medtech tool Mandometer, that gives patients the opportunity to learn how quickly they should eat, and how it feels to be full,” says Cecilia Bergh, CEO of Mando Group.

“After around a year’s treatment, 75 per cent of those who have eating disorders are symptom-free. People suffering from obesity lose between 10 and 15 kilos in about the same amount of time. But ideally, we want to avoid treating patients and instead prevent weight problems. This is why we also work with children, training them how to eat normally at younger ages.”

Where are you now?
“We’ve demonstrated that the method works – now it’s time to make it more widely available. This is why we’re taking preliminary steps towards consumer markets, and to achieve this we must, among other things, build up our sales organisation, along with inventory and logistics,” says Bergh.

What are you plans for the future?
“At the moment, we’re testing a new digital version of the treatment for users, both in the US and Sweden, and later this year we will start sales. Development of our Mandometer has been dramatic: 25 years ago it was large and ungainly, today it’s a small, lightweight monitor that fits in your pocket, and connects to your smartphone. Those who have problems with their weight, and those who want to avoid weight problems can use it wherever and whenever,” says Bergh.

Why are you in Flemingsberg?
“Our research and development has been conducted in co-operation with both KI and Karolinska University Hospital here in Flemingsberg. Work that has formed the foundation of our insights into the causes of weight problems and opened avenues to treatment. The positive climate on Campus Flemingsberg encourages original ideas and co-operation, and has created a stimulating environment that has been crucial for us,” says Bergh.


Box 4006
141 04 Huddinge
+46 (0)8 556 406 00

Published On: 8 September 2022
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