Science Week: Innovative arenas create collaboration for the city of the future

Stockholm is growing and we want a smart city with knowledge-intensive industry that is sustainable. In a panel discussion during Science Week on February 1, we discuss how innovative neutral arenas are central to the development of the smart and knowledge-intensive city.

Why is organized cooperation needed and how can it be a catalyst for development? It is said that cooperation is necessary to find sustainable, functioning solutions, but how does it work in practice? How does it happen when academia, society and business work together for the future. What are the pitfalls and what creates success?

Lydia Capolicchio moderates a panel consisting of Johnny Högberg, CEO, Flemingsberg Science, Sophia Sundberg, CEO, Barkaby Science, Peter Dobers, Professor of Business Administration with a focus on sustainable development and collaboration, Södertörn University, Johan Zachrisson, Business Development Manager, Fabege and
Anton Västberg, Director of Development, Region Stockholm.

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Published On: 9 January 2023
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