SISP deepens innovation collaboration in Flemingsberg

During the spring, Flemingsberg Science approached Swedish Incubators and Science Parks (SISP) for help to further improve its development of Flemingsberg. SISP’s special peer review method shares knowledge and experiences between similar initiatives and organisations across the country.

“SISP’s Peer Review provided a good overview of our work, along with several contributions on areas where we experienced challenges or obstacles. In addition, the method gave us an insight into other organisations’ activities and became a useful opportunity to learn from others,” says Johnny Högberg, CEO of Flemingsberg Science.

SISP’s Peer Review service is conducted in several stages (see box) and is inspired by a model from The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), which was further developed by SISP.

“We’ve developed and used our Peer Review method since 2011 to increase learning and exchange of experience among Swedish incubators and science parks. We’ve carried out a total of around 200 peer reviews where the majority of participants had more than one review because they saw their considerable value,” says Mikaela Hellberg, Director Member Development, SISP.
The method looks at several similar science parks or similar types of activities as a group and then drills down in detail in one of the participants’ activities and challenges. After a self-assessment and presentation, an analysis is made that results in recommendations from the group. There is also an opportunity to raise specific critical issues for your own business.

The analysis provides a concrete tool for business development that can be followed up after a year or so. The framework that SISP developed has also become part of the learning within Vinnova’s national incubator programme. In addition, it has been used in international development projects in which SISP has been involved.

“It was enjoyable and impressive to be part of Flemingsberg Science’s activities. Although they’re only two people at the moment, they succeed in driving co-creation that engages large numbers of individuals and organisations to jointly strive and move towards the same goal,” says Hellberg.

SISP Peer review
SISP provides an adapted peer learning methodology that was developed as a practical support for members’ business development. SISP’s peer learning approach, known as SISP Peer Review, consists of structured self-evaluation followed by an extensive strategic review with colleagues (peers) from other science parks and incubators. The aim is to transfer knowledge, ensure quality, develop individual incubators or science parks, and improve the industry as a whole.
Read more about the method.

Published On: 14 June 2023
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