The Södertörn Link Approved – A Significant Announcement for Huddinge’s Future

The government has now given its approval for the construction of the Södertörn Link, marking a significant milestone for Huddinge and the entire southern county.

On Friday, January 26, 2024, Huddinge municipality announced in a press release that the government has given the green light for the Södertörn Link, and as a result, the road plan for route 259 has gained legal force. This means that the plan can no longer be appealed.

Connecting Regional City Centers
Together with the E4 Stockholm Bypass, the Södertörn Link will connect the southern and northern parts of the county, creating new opportunities for residents, commuters, and businesses. The link will also connect several of the Stockholm region’s regional city centers, namely Kungens Kurva-Skärholmen, Flemingsberg, and Haninge Centrum.

“The approval of the link is an important announcement for the development of Huddinge and the entire southern county. Improved cross-regional communications in Södertörn give us good conditions to plan for new homes and workplaces in Huddinge and throughout Södertörn,” says Camilla Broo, Municipal Director in Huddinge.

From Kungens Kurva to Jordbro in Haninge
Now, a number of permits and decisions are awaited for the construction to commence, including the construction commencement notice from the government. Then, Trafikverket can begin constructing the two-mile-long divided motorway with a separate pedestrian and bicycle path, stretching from Kungens Kurva through Huddinge to Jordbro in Haninge.

The Södertörn Link is a national road financed by the state. Huddinge municipality has announced that they will contribute to financing the fact that the road will partly pass through a tunnel in Glömstadalen, enabling them to exploit the land and create travel demand for the South Tramway.

Published On: 28 January 2024
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