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From Science Week: Innovative arenas create collaboration for the city of the future

See the panel discussion on how innovative neutral arenas are central to the development of the smart and knowledge-intensive city. Flemingsberg Science CEO Johnny Högberg participates together with a panel consisting of Sophia Sundberg, CEO, Barkaby Science, Peter Dobers, Professor of Business Administration with a focus on sustainable development and collaboration, Södertörn University, Johan Zachrisson, Business Development Manager, Fabege and Anton Västberg, Development Director, Region Stockholm.

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Test your business idea: Flemingsberg Science Award Startup open for applications

STARTUP is a competition for startups with a clear connection to Flemingsberg, either as students, residents or otherwise active in the area. All ideas are welcome to participate in STARTUP as long as you compete with your own idea and the turnover and external equity is below SEK 1,000,000 at the time you submit to the competition. After that, we of course welcome you to continue working with the business idea, sales and any investments.

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Science Week: Innovative arenas create collaboration for the city of the future

Stockholm is growing and we want a smart city with knowledge-intensive industry that is sustainable. In a panel discussion during Science Week on February 1, we discuss how innovative neutral arenas are central to the development of the smart and knowledge-intensive city.

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Our Sound Space – soundscapes in cities

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience an interactive sound installation at the same time as you contribute to research that improves the future of urban planning. The Our Sound Space installation has now opened at Neo in Flemingsberg, which offers visitors the opportunity to use their smartphones to experiment with different sound environments and explore with soundscapes. Our Sound Space is part of the Planning for Youth research project that aims to study methods and tools for meaningful participation of the younger demographic groups in participatory planning and placemaking. Romina Rodela is Docent at Södertörn University and project leader for the initiative. ““Historically, children and young people have not been very central in spatial planning. In our project, we want to explore new methods which are better able to capture their voice in spatial planning and placemaking,” says Rodela. In this case, you use your smartphone to listen to how a new residential area will sound, for example. Which sounds are perceived as positive and which sound environments are less attractive? The idea is to give the planners of the future better tools to include children, young people and people with impaired vision or other functional variations in the planning stages of such projects. “We’ll use Our Sound Space to gather opinions from different groups to establish how effective a tool like this can be. At the same time, the installation is open to all to try out and comment on,” says Rodela. The software itself is developed by researcher Maurizio Goina at KTH and may in future be shared with planners, construction companies and architects. Mattias Lindén is responsible for Hemsö’s properties in Flemingsberg and believes that installations such as Our Sound Space have the potential to improve the image of the area. “We’re sitting on an underused resource. In courtyards and along walkways there are areas that could be used for temporary art exhibitions – opportunities for as yet undiscovered artists to gain some exposure. We’ve just decided to support the Our Sound Space project. Imagine if people in the future will associate Flemingsberg with exuberant creativity, a place where you experience new and fresh ideas. Our Sound Space can be a small step in that direction,” says Lindén, Senior Property Manager at Hemsö. Our Sound Space runs until 7th March, while the research project will continue for another two years.

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Let Flemingsberg Innovation Community elevate your idea

The Flemingsberg Innovation Community is a meeting place that brings together a range of organisations that provide various types of innovation support and assistance. Among them is Sting, which since its inception in 2002, has guided hundreds of startup companies to success.

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Building new bridges for research at Campus Flemingsberg

In October, the Collaboration in Science conference attracted approximately 450 registered participants to Campus Flemingsberg to learn about research being conducted at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital.

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How the Stockholm region will become one of the world’s top five life science centres

Region Stockholm is now stepping up its efforts to become one of the world’s five leading centres for life science by 2025. Martin Tegnér leads the project from his newly setup programme office, which will oversee the initiative to completion.

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Now more companies are growing together with Bactiguard

Just south of Campus Flemingsberg, three life science companies – Bactiguard, Procella and Smartwise – share the same building. Their proximity to one another makes it possible to combine several different innovations in new forms of treatment.

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SMI invites you to a Christmas lunch concert

Stockholm Music Education Institute, SMI invites you to a Christmas percussion concert on December 12. Percussion students and teachers perform a varied program and a porridge lunch with Christmas porridge, ham sandwich, fluff bun, gingerbread and coffee is served for only SEK 60. Lunch is served from 11.30 and the concert starts at 12.

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